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History of the Town Library

The library building was built as a private residence in 1841 by Calvin Hopkins. In 1883, Dr. Herbert and Ella Doten Shaw purchased the house which they used as their residence and the doctor's office. Dr. Shaw practiced in Mount Vernon for many years during which he grew to love the town and was respected by the town's people.

Mrs. Shaw died in 1926, followed by Dr. Shaw in 1939. His will gave his house and savings to the town to be used as a library. In 1943, the Dr. Shaw Memorial Library was opened to the public and in 1979 it became the town library.

Though the years the library has had generous benefactors who also left trust funds for it's support.

Margaret Webber, a librarian for many years, is also part of the library's history and is remembered fondly by a room named in her honor.

Some of the Shaws' memorabilia is still housed at the library and the library's staff always and correctly refer to the library as "Dr. Shaw Memorial Library".

The Library Today

Main Area Magazine & Reading Room Margaret's Room & Computer Area

Our library remains a vibrant part of the community serving both towns of Vienna and Mount Vernon. The library has about 12,000 books plus a large collection of VHS tapes, books on tape and magazines available to the public. Keeping up with the times, it also has computers with internet connection available.

This is made possible by a dedicated board of trustees, an excellent staff and the many hours contributed by faithful volunteers.

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